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The Natural Gas Storage Facility Láb 4 (UNGSF) is situated in the eastern part of the Vienna basin close to the town of Malacky.
The Láb 4 UNGSF comprises a set of eight depleted natural gas fields converted to serve as underground storage.

Reasons for choosing Láb 4 UNGSF services in the first place

Basic technical parameters of the Láb 4 UNGSF

Current fixed storage capacity:

working volume|655 million m3|6 947 GWh
daily injection flow rate|6.85 million m3|72.66 GWh
daily withdrawal flow rate|6.85 million m3|72.66 GWh

Reservoir depth ranges between 620 and 1050 metres
Range of operating pressures in the reservoirs: 4 - 13.5 MPa

Layout of the Láb 4 UNGSF storage reservoirs