Storage capacity for season 2020/2021
POZAGAS a.s. announced as of 5.6.2019 the storage capacity sales for season 2020/2021 within International ...
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Storage capacity service

The storage capacity service comprises a bundle primarily made up of a working volume, injection flow rate a withdrawal flow rate.

The combination of storage capacity components reflects the technological and geological properties of the Láb 4 UNGSF as well as the efficiency of storage operation and customer requirements.

Bundled unit:

Depending on their requirements, the customer chooses:

  1. an entry-exit (handing-over and acceptance) point
  2. the number of individual bundled units.

The storage capacity service is offered as storage capacity provided on a fixed or interruptible basis.

The storage capacity service can be used in two basic forms as a:

  1. Classic bundled unit associated with a defined gas injection period and gas withdrawal period;
  2. Flexible bundled unit associated with a flexible gas injection period and gas withdrawal period, reflecting customer needs.

For details, please refer to the Rules of Operation and Technical Terms and Conditions.