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Storage capacity of UNGSF Láb 4

Storage capacity of UNGSF Láb 4
Technical capacitymil. Sm3GWh
 Working Gas Volume
6556 947
 Daily Injection Flow Rate
 Daily Withdrawal Flow Rate


Capacity data is expressed in cubic meters at standard base conditions, i.e. 15°C; 101.325 kPa; ρ = 0.
Energy data are calculated by coefficient GCV = 10.607 kWh/Sm3.
Data are valid for gas year 2013/2014 or untill publishing their changes on

Currently, whole Storage capacity of UNGSF Láb 4 is available based on third party access (i.e. no part of the Storage capacity of UNGSF Láb 4 is restricted for purposes of production, TSO needs and/or strategic storage).

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