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Dear gas market participants,POZAGAS a.s. is kindly bringing to your attention the amendment of documents ...
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Commercial Public Tender for delivery of gas for technological purposes 2018/2019
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Allocation and nomination regime

POZAGAS in cooperation with interconnected network operators defined following allocation regimes:

Entry - exit (handing-over and acceptance) pointInterconnected networkValid allocation regimeAllowed tolerance of the confirmed nominationNomination/ renomination and allocation unit
Entry - exit (handing-over and acceptance) point Atransmission network SR
(injection, withdrawal)
Exit (handing-over and acceptance) point A, Bdistribution network SR (withdrawal)OBAN/AMWh
Entry - exit (handing-over and acceptance) Virtual Trading Point - Austriatransmission network Austria - MAB system (injection, withdrawal)OBAN/AMWh



In the case of a mixed flow of gas of a number of customers at the given Entry - exit (handing-over and acceptance) point, measured quantities shall be allocated using pro-rata allocation regime based on the last nominated and confirmed quantities while considering a reasonable share in the operating discrepancy.

The operating discrepancy is specified as the difference between the measured value and the arithmetic total of all nominations confirmed by POZAGAS for a given hour at the given Entry - exit (handing-over and acceptance) point.

A customer's reasonable share means the quotient of the absolute value of the customer's nomination confirmed by POZAGAS and the arithmetic total of absolute values of all nominations confirmed by POZAGAS for a given hour at the given Entry - exit (handing-over and acceptance) point.

This rule shall apply to actual transactions as well as swap transactions.


Gas quantity which POZAGAS has confirmed to store or hand over, i.e. quantity of gas nominated and confirmed shall be considered as injected or withdrawn.

Discrepancy between actually measured quantity of gas and the sum of allocated quantities shall be treated between POZAGAS and the respective connected network operator on balancing account (Operational Balancing Account).